Mobile Ordering by App

Great news—our mobile ordering app is now available. We built our app to offer you the fastest and easiest way to order from us with just the tap of a button. It’s completely free to use and the best way to manage your deliveries from us or get in touch whenever you have questions.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Download the app and sign in with your restaurant’s phone number. You will receive a verification call to the restaurant within seconds.
  2. Start an order by adding your usual items from an order guide that’s already been pre-created for you
  3. Select the day to receive your delivery
  4. Place your first order

Download now and place your next order with zero headache.

Download for iOS
Download for Android

Mobile Ordering Through Your Browser

Now for your convenience, you can also visit an Online version of our mobile ordering app. Click here to place your orders online through your browser.