As part of our ongoing commitment to always serving our customers better, Cuttler Produce is proud to announce our successful completion of our U.S.D.A. Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P.) Food Safety Audit. Fostering a culture of continuous process improvements is a cornerstone to our recipe for success. This means increasing our coordinated efforts with our suppliers to source and deliver only the best available produce the world over.

Through the use of our recently upgraded computer system and more in-depth employee training we are able to serve our ever-growing customer base with faster and more accurate picking, packing, loading, and delivery of daily orders on our fleet of 40 refrigerated trucks.

By drawing on decades of industry experience coupled with the latest cold-chain and warehouse management software, we are able to provide you, the end consumer, confidence in knowing that your favorite local fare is prepared from fresh, safe, and high-quality produce.